la cuisine suggests


Design and branding

The first impression any consumer gets of your company, or your product, comes directly from your visual identity. Your image, your logo, and the design of your communication pieces, must reflect and highlight your brand’s personality. Only then will it stand out and attract the right public.


  • Design and illustration
  • Advertising and print



  • Creative/graphic research
  • Signature integration
  • Business card and stationery applications
  • User guide for traditional and digital applications
  • Typography and colour combination recommendations
  • Brand and brand image development

Digital solutions

There’s no getting around it, today you need to be present on the web. Our digital team is expert in all the skills needed to keep you one step ahead by providing solutions specially adapted to your needs.

  • Conception, design and programming of websites
  • Newsletters
  • Object creation for social networks (banners and campaigns)
  • SEO referencing
  • Social media community management
  • Web banners
  • Social media headers
  • 360 campaigns
  • Digital strategies

Video conception and production

The figures prove it: the moving image is still the most powerful way to seduce potential clients. Our specialists in the creation and production of advertising films can cover all your needs. Whether you want a 6-second bumper, a 30-second TV ad or web videos specifically for social networks, you can get them all right here.

  • Conception, production, directing, editing, VFX and post-production
  • Animation, motion design
  • Corporate videos
  • Advertising spots
  • Webcasts


To help you win over your clients, we offer a wide-ranging content service. Our experienced team, our in-house studio, our editing tools and our flexibility mean we can deliver top-quality work within the tightest of deadlines.


  • Writing and proofing of both French and English texts
  • Traditional and digital ad copywriting including concepts, headlines and signatures


  • Photography and photo-shop


  • Original composition
  • Sound design
  • Recording and mixing

Mixed reality

Our immersive content specialists are expert in creating innovative, interactive experiences for your brand.

Take your clients of an all-encompassing journey that will prove to them that your brand is totally cutting-edge.

VR / AR / XR

  • 360 filming, conception and direction
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Mixed Reality
  • Application development